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    Red face Hey, can someone please check my text? I swear it's an interesting subject! :)

    Exactly one year and a half ago my husband and I were on a plane. This plane was not only taking us to Germany, but to a new life. A life that came with many places to discover, things to learn and obstacles to overcome, after all, we were moving to a country with a language that neither of us spoke.
    Today I am packing for a trip to the United States. In 12 days we will be back to the place we have lived for more than three years. I started my married life there and I was happy and at the same time I felt very sad and alone, not only because I missed Brazil and my family, but I always saw myself as the last option to the friends we made, something like a child that no one picks to be in the team in school.
    We were never invited to trips or parties, only to attend baby showers. In these events we had to beg for attention and I always asked myself "what did I do so wrong?" and today I think we were in the wrong place and with the wrong friends because here we are lucky with our circle of friends. Despite never being invited to parties, a friend threw a Farewell Party and many of them attended to ask questions about our moving, my husband's new job and life in Germany, while others didn't bother at least to say "have a nice trip".
    I still have some of these friends on Facebook, I don't know the reasons yet, but I am sure that we don't have things in common and probably we are not going to hang out together during our three weeks stay.
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