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    internship, placement, intern?

    I'm writing my english CV, and I have a problem with accurately describing my experience.. During my studies I had to work for a certain amount of hours for a tour-operator/ hotel, unpaid; is that what is called an internship - is it the same as intern, or does it have a completly different name? What is a student placement?
    I want to apply for a position in the UK, and I'm not sure which term do they use

    My second problem is with the spelling of the word 'organisation' - Word editor keeps correcting 's' to 'z', but on british webpages I found rather the 's' spelling. Which one is correct?
    I'm generally more familiar with American English..but at this point, just plain old confused

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    Re: internship, placement, intern?

    In BrE, we'd call that a work placement.
    In BrE, we can use s/z is those words. Americans tend to use z only. Word takes a rather simplistic view in its British option by suggesting z is wrong, but we do use both. With the particular word 'organisation', I do think s is more common in the UK.

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    some more problems..

    Thanks a lot,

    I have a few more questions though..

    International Relations or Affairs is the proper name for a field of international studies?
    In online CV's I found people giving different names to the ..hmm - courses/ modules studied - which is correct for a CV -or is there any difference in meaning ?
    Masters thesis or dissertation?
    Tour Guide or Tour Manager is the person taking care of tourism on an organized trip? (any hyphens in those terms?)

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    Red face Re: internship, placement, intern?

    Hi Szatko,

    For your first question, I would suggest International Studies since that is what's being studied. If these studies are aimed at one specific area, say commerce, then you would say International Commerce.
    For your C.V., you would study a course that is comprised of modules. You might want to mention these modules if they are relevant to your application.
    In the UK (or at my old university) we use thesis at Master's level.
    A tour guide is someone who guides people around the sights. A tour manager manages the guides, organises tours, etc,.

    Hope this is of some help,

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    Re: internship, placement, intern?

    Thanks !!!

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