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    Short excerpt from my tranlation

    Hey everyone! Will you correct my translation pls? Looking forward for any suggestions you can make! Thank you!

    Like many other wives, Joanna is in charge of the family budget and housework. It is always great stress. There is a great deal less concern on the men’s part, which probably reduces the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. It probably explains why the proportion of men to women who have reached the age of 100 is one-to-one (I’m not sure that it makes any sense) in some areas of Sardinia while in the US it is only four to one.

    Marge and me arranged to meet at the hairdresser’s in Redlands, where she had been visiting her stylist at 8am every Friday for 20 years running. When I come in she is thumbing through “Reader’s Digest”. “You’re late!” – exclaims Marge. There are a number of hairdressers depressingly combing their clients’ gray hair behind her back. “As you can see, we’re all kinda dinosaurs here” – Marge’s stylist whispers to me. “Maybe, you are…but I’m surely not” – answers Marge.

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    Re: Short excerpt from my tranlation

    It is always great stress.- I'd include it in the previous sentence:
    housework, which is always very stressful
    Marge and me- Marge and I

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