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    Wink A few colloquial expressions

    Could you kindly check if my interpretations of these colloquial expressions are correct? Thanks

    1) Do you see your way clear to lend me five dollars [someone said it's very London? The bit 'do you see your way clear to' simply means 'could you'? It has a pragmatic function of politeness / face-saving rather than really seeing clearly where you're heading...] Is that right?

    2) coffee fix: I don't have a liking for coffee at all but I guess it refers to those who drink coffee regularly and a fix is when coffee helps them to calm down/feel better? Is that like when you have to take a cigarette because you are addicted to it?
    Do we say cigarette urge? cigarette fix?

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    Re: A few colloquial expressions

    1 Yes, you're right, but I would say to lending.
    2 Fix is a term associated with drugs- you get a fix of an addictive drug. People talking about their coffee/caffeine fix, meaning the effect it has on them. When people try to stop smoking and want a cigarette, that's normally called a craving. A smoker could say they were going outside to get their nicotine/tobacco fix. Cigarette fix sounds a bit odd to me as I'd use fix with the substance/drug. In the UK, you'll hear people saying things like I'm dying/gasping for a cigarette.

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