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    "If you fell off a horse, you’d probably be pretty traumatized. You might not ever want to get on another horse again. But if riding was important to you, you’d have to get back on the horse eventually."

    In the above sentence instead of using "if you fell off a horse" can we use "if you fall off a horse"? Could you please tell me what difference it makes if we changed the verb from fell to fall? And also under what circumstances we can use fall-off and fell-off?

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    Re: Fall-off/Fell-off?

    You could say the following:
    If you fall off a horse, you will probably be pretty traumatised.
    The difference is that if you say fall...will, you think there's a real chance of the person falling off a horse. If you are talking hypothetically about an imaginary situation, like the text you quote, then fell...would is the form to use.

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    Re: Fall-off/Fell-off?

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    Based on the Editor's answer, my example is:

    If you went to the moon, you would find many interesting things. ( = there's almost no chance that any of us will be

    going to the moon.)

    If you go to the moon, you will find many interesting things. ( = maybe in the year 3012, people will be talking like this.)

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