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    Red face conjugation and pronunciation, posted again

    Hi: this is a second post, i was not very clear in the first. i'm working on english verb conjugation, and i find a connection between pronunciation and conjugation, that is, the necessary change of the verb form before adding suffix is probably meant to meet the requirement of pronunciation, for example, if we didn't double the consonant of "p" in "drop", before adding -ed, we would lose the original pronunciation. And this rule or connection applies to some pattern of the verb forms, such as "panicking". But i'm not sure about the verb with a consonant plus "y" ending, such as "carry", "study". if we directly add -ed, or -s, does the original pronunciation would change? what would "carryed", or "carrys" be prouounced, according to your pronunciation habitude? as you must see, i'm not a native speaker.

    Thank you very much, and i'm much appreciated for the previous answers. sorry for my English; hope i'm clear this time. and have a nice day.

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    Re: conjugation and pronunciation, posted again

    "Carryed and carrys" are not English words. When a word ends in y, we change the y to i and add es or ed. carried, carries, studied, studies

    Maybe this old joke will help you to remember: A little girl came home from school one day and her mother asked her what she had learned. The girl replied, "We learned how to make babies!" The mother was shocked and braced herself for an uncomfortable conversation, but she said merely, "Oh, what did you learn about that?" "It's easy", the girl replied, "You just change the y to i and add es..."

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    Re: conjugation and pronunciation, posted again

    If the word ends consonant + y, we normally change to ies/ied.
    If the word ends vowel + y, we normally add the suffixes without changes- played/plays.

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