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This is a part of my statement of purpose.
I appreciate it if you could make it better and more native.

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Research brings me the measureless joy and pride. Thus, I want to continue my research in a higher level, aspiring to become somebody in the area of polymer materials. A Ph.D is the essential and crucial conjunction between my past achievements and my future progress and an opportunity to make an impact and leave a treasure behind for my country and the academia. I hope to take this important step at The Ohio State University.

I have a couple of reasons for choosing OSU. First, Chemical Engineering at OSU has a long history for more than 100 years, which provides a profound foundation in advanced research. Second, polymer research to which I am devoted has been a focused effort at Ohio State for more than three decades. Ohio State University Polymer Consortium (OSUPC), an important part of the Center of Materials Research (CMR), as well as CAPCE can lead my research to a further level. In OSU, I can find a magnificent polymer world to which I am aspired. Last but not least, the research areas of polymer science in OSU, especially in polymer biomaterials, polymer based membrane separations, and synthesis of novel materials, are quiet interesting to me. Thus, I hope to work closely with Prof. L. James Lee, Prof. Stuart Cooper, Prof. Winston Ho and Prof. James Rathman who conduct the most attractive researches to me.

I know that there are full of challenges and opportunities on the way to my dream, but all these will fuel my passion and prick me on exploring the unknown in polymer science and chemical engineering.
hello bandgxy!!

well i have done my graduation in rubber technology and want to go USA for MS in polymer technology. i don't know where to go,can you suggest me some good unis?? which are good at academics, and providing excellent facalities !!waiting for reply!!