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    (article) usage of the and a

    It is hard to say if I'd choose to live in either the city or the country because I can't say which is distinctly better.

    If I have to choose one, I would say I prefer living in the city.

    I'd say that because I've always lived in the city even though I dream to live in the countryside someday.

    Q1) I wonder if I need to change 'the' underlined should change to an article a.

    Q2) Is there any other errors or unnatural structures in those three sentences?

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    Re: (article) usage of the and a

    "The" in this case carries an indefinite meaning you're referring to living in a city, city being a habitiat. If you were to say a city, that would be saying a specific city and the country means in the countryside and a country means a country such as England, France etc.

    You're sentences, by the way, are perfect.

    [Not a teacher]

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