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    Hello, everybody,

    How do I say in English that someone works based on his education/profession/qualification when I don't know the profession/job? I guess this is a strange question but in my native language it's quite common to say that a person's job is 'based' on his/hers profession/qualification without actually indicating the profession because the most important thing is that he/she was able to get a job 'based' on his education. I can't think of a good and short way to say this in English.
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    Re: Profession/qualification

    I don't think that we say this naturally in English. Perhaps we could say, "He works in the field for which he was trained". The usual assumption is that if someone has a profession, they received the apropriate education, qualificationss. We comment only if they work in a different area - John qualified as a doctor, but he teaches English now.

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