Can anyone urgently help me improve the following paragraphs?

The course convinces me the importance of creativity towards modern management and I will try to prevent the occurrence of conceptual blocks in my daily management work. The skills of supportive communication such as advising, probing, deflecting and reflecting are now widely applied in my daily management. Also, motivating others has become a big concern and I apply the skills learnt from the course such as appropriate rewards, disciplines and redesigning work to successfully motivate my subordinates to assist in daily management.

On the other hand, after taking this course, I know the importance of developing self-awareness and personal skills on management and how to manage stress and time. In fact, as I understand that successful organization management is always built on personal management, I will pay great attention to efficiently manage my time and stress through numerous methods suggested during the course.

Conflict is acceptably inevitable in daily management. However, the course really gives me confident to handle the conflict between different parties. I always apply several suggested approach such as compromising response and collaborating approach to handle the conflict. Similarly, I actively use empowering and delegating to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of daily management. Indeed, the relationship amongst the colleagues are also greatly improvement and my own management team is gradually built following the adoption of these management skills.
Many thanks!