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    using of 'think' to express something

    is it correct grammaticaly to say : i think he was absent ?

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    Re: using of 'think' to express something

    Quote Originally Posted by akram jubran View Post
    Is it correct grammatically to say "I think he was absent"?
    Welcome to the forum.

    Grammatically it's fine if you are not certain that he was absent. You only say "I think ..." if you are not 100% sure.

    I think he was sick yesterday.
    I think he is absent.
    I think my television is broken.

    Please see the amendments I made in red. In written English:

    - Start every sentence with a capital letter.
    - Always capitalise the word "I".
    - End every sentence with the appropriate punctuation mark (full stop, exclamation mark, question mark).
    - Do not put a space before a comma, a full stop, a question mark or an exclamation mark, but always put a space after them.

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