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    cash her out.

    "Cash out(up)" means "to count the money that has been taken in a shop/store, restaurant, etc", and I tried to hear the line many times, what does "her" mean in the middle? Is it mistyping or something meaningful?

    ghost 2-5
    ghost - Honey,I saw you look right at me yesterday.Don't pretend you can't see me now.
    mel- I cannot talk.
    delia - Sorry. I just had to cash her out. Did you need me?
    mel - No,no. I'm just looking for this book,lost delusions.
    mel - Oh,yeah. Our book club read that last year. Great book.

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    Re: cash her out.

    In my experience, you 'cash up' when you check actual takings against recorded takings (typically at the end of a day or a shift). I have no experience of 'cashing out' - which is what happens in casinos when a client leaves and changes chips or tokens for cash. I've never met a transitive usage, but I'd guess that cashing someone out is the other side of that transaction - what the cashier does when someone wants to cash out.

    If you're right about the use of cash out/in (maybe the phrasal verb works like that in some parts of the world), maybe a person at the end of a shift (when handing over the machine and the takings to another employee) would 'cash them out' - I don't know (but check your till receipts - they often say 'Your assistant: <name>.' Perhaps when nameN1 hands over to nameN+1, they 'cash them out'...


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