Growing up, life was more then laughter, fun, and games. It was all of this, and visiting my sister in the hospital. She was Failure to Thrive, and for the first three years of her life, she was in and out of a variety of hospitals. Life was being my mothers maid (for lack of better words). Refilling her drinks, making her dinner, doing anything and everything I could to make her life easier. My mother has dealt with Pseudo-tumor Cerebri for nearly 7 years now. When I was younger, I wanted to be a doctor because they saved my sisters life, and at the time, I thought that was the coolest thing. Over the years, it has become a dream of mine. It is something that I am planning my whole life around. Every class that I take, the colleges that I will be choosing, it all revolves around this one dream. This program will not only help me take a step closer, its an experience I can't pass by. And this scholarship, might be one of the only ways I can get there. Finically, we cannot afford for me to go. But, with the help of fundraising, and this scholarship, I may have the opportunity to be apart. Thank you for your time, and consideration.