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    preposition "of"

    "Another wave of dissent against a plan to let more mainlanders drive into Hong Kong was voiced at a special Legislative Council panel meeting yesterday, with lawmakers saying the agreement should be torn up.
    Community groups also warned of rising pollution and traffic congestion and problems implementing traffic laws"
    (SCMP, HK)

    I think the underlined phrase must be rewritten as "problem of implementing traffic laws". The case for it, to my knowledge, is that the verb form of the participle "implementing" has nothing to do with the head noun "problems" .

    Am I wrong? Thanks for any replies

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    Re: preposition "of"

    (Not a Teacher)

    The sentence sounds fine as it is. You could add 'with' after 'problem', but 'of' doesn't sound right.
    I say 'implementing traffic laws' is a participial phrase describing 'problems'.

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