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    Collocation 'rich woods'

    Does the collocation 'rich woods' exist?

    I'd like to use the expression in the sentence:
    He owned a huge farm and rich woods.



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    Re: Collocation 'rich woods'

    Possibly, Veronica. It would presumably mean rich in valuable hardwoods, or something of that sort. It is not a common collocation, though. What qualities did you have in mind for his small forest?

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    Re: Collocation 'rich woods'

    Thanks. I also think 'rich in valuable hardwoods' was meant. Anyway, you can read the whole context in the new thread I've just posted under the name 'suggest corrections - a story". It's an old folk tale that I have to translate into English. The vocabulary is a bit awkward in the orginal Slovenian version, too, since it's a really old folk tale.

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