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    Post Interview

    Can you please answer to my question!
    In a research paper, is it possible to prepare an interview and send it through e-mail to the interviewee (then he send back his/her answers through email too)?
    In other words, is it an acceptable way to do an interview?
    I will be really thankful if you can respond to my question.

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    Re: Interview

    Well, I've done interviews like that for people doing academic research (about girls in gaming), and for people researching newspaper articles (about depression), so it's certainly possible. I think whether or not it's advisable would very much depend on what you are trying to find out. It's certainly more suited to a very rigid set of questions, with short factual answers, than to more fluid situations where you might have follow-up questions or want to prompt an interviewee, or where there is an emotional element to the answers and body language and tone of voice would help.

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