I'm kinda new to this whole forum thing, but hey, I'm Jack.

Anyway, I guess I'm naturally half-decent at English. Punctuation and stringing sentences together seems to be somewhat easy to me compared to how difficult it seems to be for most other people.

So I was just wondering, generally, what's the best way to structure an essay? As this seems to be my only downfall. I've grasped English so naturally, yet I just lack the ability to write my responses in the 'correct' conventional way.

Lets say I was given the task to: "Explain why (book name here) would be a text suitable for a High-school to purchase in order to emphasise to its students the issue of injustice?"

What would be the best way to approach this question?

At this point in time I'd just:
First paragraph:
- answer the question directly (i.e. The text 'book name here' would be an ideal choice of text for a High-school to supply to students studying justice. The text highlights the primary concept of justice, being that all humans should be treated as equal, and should remain unhindered by their gender, religion, ethnicity, sexuality or general attributes.)

- include in this techniques (?) (i.e The (author) includes many various techniques in order to further emphasise its argument. These techniques also help to highlight the issues brought to light in the book.)

Second paragraph through to fourth/fifth paragraph:
- Use the method of reiterating my techniques point through naming one technique, giving an example of said technique from the book (quote) and then backing this up with explanation of its usage. (i.e. (author) uses the technique of metaphor to correctly convey his/her argument. In the text, its depicted that "blah" which is used to...") - And I'd repeat that method a few times (depending on allocated time).

- somewhat reiterate the essay question and conclude (i.e "(Text) would be an appropriate text for a High-school to purchase in order to emphasise to its students as it correctly portrays the concepts of injustice.")


So yeah, anyone mind to share how I would go upon improving my structure? Also, any pointers would be greatly appreciated. And psst, can you please give examples of what you mean, it's how I take in information best (unfortunately!)

Thanks a lot.

P.S sorry for my bad setting out and explanations, I'm pretty hopeless at both. :P