have you ever imagined meeting with a poisonous snake during a camping ? For 10 years ago we have been celebrating our anniversary at a Rhode Island Camping with my family.In this year we want out ,and averything was as good as we have planned.
When my wife started to prepare the breakfast for our children I saw that something has moved under the table,but I thought that was just our dog,Barnyey,because he is part of our family too. Later when whe had eaten I I saw the snake mooving to my child Thomas.I bellowed him to start running,because a cobra wants to attack,but it was too late,the snake attacked (not the good word) him.
My wife became shocked,we started going to the Hospital,and we both knew that the chance to survive is very low.The doctor in the hospital said us that they will try to do everything,but he canít promise that our child will survive.
Two hours later the nurse said,that that our child survived the snake attack.I will never forget this day,and I am grateful for God because helped us