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    Talking She's / She'd been married… BEFORE

    So there's this song about Henry VIII. According to different sources, the lyrics go like this:

    "I'm Henery the Eighth, I am,
    Henery the Eighth I am, I am!
    I got married to the widow next door,
    She'd been married seven times before." etc.

    Now, there's this version played by Herman's Hermits.
    (You can have a look at my favourite one: I'm Henry the VIII - Herman's Hermits - YouTube)
    My problem is that they actually sing "she's been married seven times before".
    Well, NOW she's the wife of Henry VIII, so those seven guys came before this one.

    Can I have the opinion of native speakers from all around the world? Do you consider it correct, unusual but acceptable or wrong?

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    Re: She's / She'd been married… BEFORE

    I prefer the past perfect as it refers to the time before she married the singer.

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