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    Talking ask for information

    Hi all teachers.
    In the word tourist,in American English the first syllable is ˈtʊr (tʊr.ɪst),but in British English it is ˈtʊə (tʊə.rɪst).
    Can you explain me why it is different.
    Thank you

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    Re: ask for information

    The accents of between AmE and BrE are just one of many things that are different between them. Americans use words Brits don't, Brits use word Americans don't (e.g. trainer = sneaker, nappy = diaper and 1st floor in America is ground floor in Britain). For a list of such differences, go here: American and British English differences - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Where you have different places where language is spoken, you will get a divergence of dialects.

    As George Bernard Shaw said; "Britain and America are two countries separated by the same language".

    [Not a teacher]

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