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    Can somebody correct my essay, please?

    If you can give an advice for my grammar and vocabulary, I will be really thankful.

    Do the benefits of study abroad justify the difficulties? What advice would you offer to a prospective student?

    Nowadays, most people leave their countries in searching for better education abroad. I my view, the main reason about this action comes from the country’s standard for education. Some places have more disadvantages than others, so children decide to leave and south for their future someplace else.

    For example, in places where students have to study more than 10 subjects, they find it really difficult and even impossible. Trying to be good at everything is not the best option they can have. However, if they are good at half of these subjects, their overall score at the end will be ruined by their other grades, which are just not good enough.

    Furthermore, every teenager is trying to have a personal life, so most of the students cannot spend every second studying. If they have to learn everything, which has been taught at school, they will not have any spare time left. So, children decide to study abroad, where students can choose their subject and do what they love to do. For instance, the sixth form in the UK is preferred by children, because it is worldwide and accepted by every university.

    What is more, by continuing their education in the sixth form, students have the chance to develop their qualities in a specific field, which they choose their selves. This gives them the opportunity to apply to the best universities.

    All in all, the reason for children leaving their countries is to find better learning programme and to create more opportunities for their future. What every country could do is to create a better educational plan for its teenagers and include some of the world known programmes such as “A levels “and “IB” to provide more comfort for every child trying to enhance their potential in specific field.
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    Re: Can somebody correct my essay, please?

    I'm one of those people ;) I thing the grammar is well expressed, also the vocabulary...Good luck

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