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Thread: Monosyllabic?

  1. rogue_flower


    what is the technical term for one word answers? My brother told me that it was monosyllabic but i thought that was the term used to describe words with only one syllable. Please help :)

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    Red face Re: Monosyllabic?

    Hi Rogue-flower,
    Just a guess here, since not I'm not too sure on the specific terms, but a monsyllabic answers will have only one syllable (yes/no). You could answer 'uh-huh' for a positive response. What if the reply was 'maybe'? These are non-monsyllabic responses.
    Possibly your brother was thinking of open and closed questions? Open questions need an answer thet goes beyond 'yes' or 'no'. Closed questions only require a 'yes/no' answer.
    Probably someone else will be able to answer your question on the technical term for one word answers.
    Not been of much help,

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    Re: Monosyllabic?

    Like Dippit, I don't knowof a technical term, but I have heard people who try to communicate in one-word answers, etc, described as monosyllabic.


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