What is one important goal you would like to achieve in the next few years?

In the next few years I would like to achieve in my opinion of what a successful career would be. A career that is recession proof and that I enjoy doing. Something that I can make a comfortable living doing and not having to worry about job security. One where I can have those and be able to spend time with my family and watching them grow on my schedule.

My first step to achieving this goal would be to obtain my GED. I have 5 tests to pass and then I can get my diploma. Once I have completed that I plan on enrolling in a college to become a Freelance Web and Graphic Designer. I love art and to be able to make a living from it is more than ideal for me. I would be a freelance designer so I can make my own hours and work from wherever I please which means a great deal to me.
My second step would be going to college. I am more than likely going to attend Durham Technical College for the first two years. When I get in to college I will work my hardest to achieve great grades, attendance and to expand my knowledge in the career path I have chosen. I don’t know if I would stop my education there. I am also interested in learning how to edit music videos or creative art videos. I would love to learn how to do those skills as well and to have a variety of work I can do. I would research possibly some other options for a school that is more specific in arts if I was to continue after I have reached my degree in Web Design and Graphic Design at Durham Technical College.
The last step would be finding work as soon as I have finished my education. I plan on applying everywhere and anywhere for a freelance position. Since it is freelance the places I can apply to are unlimited because my commute would be to my desk. I might even try to build my résumé a little on my own first. I can do certain jobs for a website called 99designs.com. It is more of a competition website but the payout for the work put it in is a decent amount of money, although it is not guaranteed. I can also enter my work into design competitions while I am in school for video editing to help pay for some bills or to put towards my financial aid.
Once I have accomplished everything I need in my education, if I decide to further my education even more after Durham Technical College. I can start rebuilding my life and relationships. I have debt that I can pay off and will have more debt because of school. I can be able to afford a car, a mortgage so I can put a permanent roof over my children’s heads, food on the table and to be able to travel whenever wherever. Those are all very important factors in the careers I have chosen and I will work my hardest until I have reached my goals.