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•Simplicity and contemporary are the key features that can be defined as a masculine appeal yet, at the same time it brings out a chic and professional aura.
•Clean and simple coordination; blazer, shirt, trousers with or without belts adds a more classic touch.
•A futuristic look is demonstrated through the use of a single shade of hue that reflects the deserted cold winter.

•Structured that has the ability to outline a woman’s slim figure in a subtly way.
•Extravagant or bulky shapes are less considered in a design as the emphasis is on a more refreshing clean look.

•Geometric lines guide the eye around the entire look where every part is thoroughly observed without having any extravagant or bulky shapes to destruct the attention.
•Horizontal line is often distinguished as pockets while vertical line is generally noticed as the outline of a feature or the seams or darts of a garment.

•Pants are typically close fitting while the blazers are slightly larger or oversized, while other designs are vice versa, both conveys a manlike trait.
•Shoulder pad blazers exhibit a superior characteristic has the capability to draw out the confident aspect of the wearer.

Garment Types
•Tailored blazers, shirts and trousers are the key major components to achieve a complete typical manlike style.
•A combination of tailored blazers and spacious or close fitted trousers, are the primary coordination throughout numerous designer collections.
•Simple conservative blazers where collars are sometimes experimented in different colour to accentuate the feature.

Garment Details
•Impeccable tailored features in garments such as precise pleats on pockets, collars in various shapes and sizes add more excitement into the design.
•Metallic or plastic buttons are usually implemented as embellishments or fastenings that are mainly seen in blazers.
•Welt pockets that are incorporated in shirts as decorative and handy features which convey a futuristic implication.

•Shades of black are predominantly visible across the current autumn and winter collection, where black is individually applied to the entire overall look of an outfit or with a combination of contrasting hues.
•Earthy and neutral colours are reminiscence of cozy Autumn leaves descending gently.
•The combination of metallic or glittery texture with a single plain colour adds more liveliness to emphasise the major feature of the garment.