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    so that as a result?

    Is it possible to interpret "so that" as a result like ", so she could take care of...."? As I know, "so that" is always a purpose except when there is a comma ", so that".
    Is there any exception that "so that" without a comma can be used as a result?

    ex)She left work at 3 so that she could take care of her children.

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    Re: so that as a result?

    In that example, purpose and result are confused.

    Before she had a baby, she left work at 5.00. Then her life changed and she made a decision. 'She left work at 3.00 so that she could take care of her children'. Purpose - no comma.

    Then someone comes to her desk at 3.30 and asks 'Where's Nina?' Someone answers 'Didn't you know, she leaves at 3.00, so that she can look after her children.' Result - comma. In your example, purpose and resullt have got mixed up:
    leaving early allows her to look after her children (result) but when she was making the decision to leave early, child-care was her purpose. I wouldn't make too much of a Thing of the 'rule' about the comma.

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