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    Can anybody check this letter immediately

    I am enclosing a card of Dr. X, who is Director General of Health Services in Sri Lanka. He has made presentation at the India Health Summit on the level of Healthcare in Sri Lanka. They have managed to achieve excellent social indicators on the health front with expenditure of 1.71% of GDP. Sri Lanka guarantees free healthcare and 90% of inpatient capacity / procedure is in the public sector and 10% in the private. Since the Government Doctors are allowed to practice privately, 90% of the OPD is in the private sector. The key to their health delivery mechanism is a large number of PHCs (Primary Health Center) alongwith 956 hospitals. All these serve the population of 18 million.

    In discussion with Mr. Y, he had mentioned that they would be looking for solution for their advanced pathological test needs. Please immediately get in touch with him and also send them all the material and follow up with him for a meeting at the earliest. The key element in converting these would be our experience in sample collections from multiple locations and safe transportation (Apart from health issues of quality, scale etc.) and the fact appear doing this for developed country. I am sure you would be in a position to train the people to operate good sample collection centers. Your competition is likely to be metropolis and so we need to be quick.

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    Re: Can anybody check this letter immediately

    He has made presentation- He gave a presentation
    (Primary Health Center)- (Primary Health Centers)
    alongwith - along with
    Please immediately get in touch - I'd change this a bit- Please contact him at your earliest convenience
    send them- him
    (Apart - (apart
    the fact appear doing this for developed country- what do you mean here- it's unclear to me
    likely to be metropolis- again, I'm not sure- do you mean that there will be a lot of competition

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