Dear Sir,
Iam glad to inform you that I have succefully completed Bachelor Degree in Sociology at the Open University of Tanzania. I joined DAWASCO in 2nd January 2009 as Office Assistant Grade II while I was studying at Open University of Tanzania. Later on ,I informed the office about my study and they responded positively by giving me time for preparation before and during my exams which helped me to perform well in my study , I really appreciate for that, thank you so much .

Duration of the course at the Open University of Tanzania is six years but you can complete before six years and not less than 3 years. According to Open University Regulations you have to pay all the fee of six years, even if you have to complete the course less than the stated period. I have managed to complete the course for three years and paid all the fees for six years. Therefore, I request your good office to approve the refund of the following costs: