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    Help - Job Interview

    I have a Job Interview in English, and I want to know how I can preper myself to be ready to the Interview!
    Help please!!!! If somebody can do a speak-chat with me to help to practice, I'll be happy!!!
    Thanks, Anat

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    Re: Help - Job Interview

    Think through the kind of questions asked in interviews and prepare yourself by practising your answers before you go in. however, don't try to prepare word-for-word answers as this always sounds artificial.

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    Re: Help - Job Interview

    Practice makes perfect. So, prepare a list of expected questions and how you are going to answer them. You may ask somebody in your family to ask you these questions and you answer the questions sitting in front of that person. Practice this several times. Be confident and have a postive attitude. If your answers are honest, positive and told with full confidence, you are definitely going to impress the interviewer, even if there's a few grammatical mistakes here and there. Best of luck!
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