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    Question order of member

    Consider a boy who is having one brother and sister.

    May i ask him what is your birth order ?
    or else

    How may i ask ?

    Please help me.................

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    Re: order of member

    Quote Originally Posted by ramaraj View Post
    Consider a boy who is havinghas one brother and one sister.

    MayCan I ask him "What is your birth order?"

    or should I ask him a different question?else

    How maycan I ask this question?

    Please help me.

    This issue has been discussed several times. Did you search the forum first? We don't have a standard question to find out where someone comes in the order of children in the family.

    Please see my amendments to your post in red.
    Remember to always capitalise the word "I" (first person singular).
    Check on the difference between "may" (permission) and "can" (ability).
    Always end a sentence with a punctuation mark.
    Do not put a space before a question mark.

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