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    Rice paddies are built, not opened up

    Does "open up" here mean "just discover rice paddies in bare state and use it" or cultivate it? The tranlsation goes "cultivate", but "cultivate" means an artificial effort similar to "built", so I think "just find out and use it" is proper. What do you think?

    ex) Rice paddies are built, not opened up the way a wheat field is. You dont just clear the trees, underbrush, and stones, and then plow. Rice paddies are carved into mountainsides in an elaborate series of terraces, or painstakingly constructed from marshland and river plains. The crops turn a magical green, and by the time of the first harvest, the land becomes an unending sea of yellow. They have to be irrigated, so a complex system of channels must be dug from the nearest water source. The paddy itself, meanwhile, has to have a hard clay floor; otherwise the water will simply seep into the ground. And the paddy has to be carefully engineered so that it will drain properly and also keep the plants submerged at the optimum level.

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    Re: Rice paddies are built, not opened up

    If you simply clear land, you can grow wheat. Rice paddies, require more- they need irrigation channels and raised walls around them to keep the water in, etc. Open up means clearing land and that is not enough to create rice paddies.

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