Hi everybody. My name is Vu. I wanted to learn English well since a long time. But may I donít have a proper method for study English yet and I donít try to hard to succeed yet. So now, I want to learn English well. I often translate ebooks to intensive study my favorite field. So , My skill of reading and understanding are quiet good. My current vocabulary , grammar , skill of listening and speaking are bad. I have found a proper method to study with me. It is writing a text daily , the text is about something familiar or what happened on that day. It is as a diary. I hope you like it. After , I remember the text. By the way , I can increase my vocabulary and train my grammar. Additionally , I listen English Today DVD daily to increase skill of listening and pronounce English clearly.

Below is what happened on today. I got up at 7 oíclock. Iím really lazy, so this morning I didnít brush my teeth. Usually , I brush my teeth every morning. I had breakfast with noodle. Then I turned on my PC. Since a month ago , I have studied C# programming languag. Daily, I translate documents from MSDN. I am nearsighted so I must wear glasses to see everything clearly. I already have food so I didnít have to go to market. I forgot to make my lunch at eleven fourteen , so I quickly made my lunch. Then I weared clothes and went to school by bicycl. Fortunately , I wasnít be lated. This afternoon , I learn Computer Graphics and Safety and Security Information. I went to back home at 16 oíclock , then I sleeped until thirty past nineteen. After that , I made dinner and now I am writing this text.

Above is what happened on today. This text is not very long. As you knew , I am a beginner.
I hope you can help me check grammar and spelling this text. Additation, I want to make friend to everyone on the world.

Thanks for reading my topic. Thank a lot.