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Do you agree or disagree with the opinion:Since people care public recognition more than money, they will work harder to obtain public recognition even though there is no more money given.

Which is more valuable, money or public recognition? Some people prefer to choose wealth, while others incline to pick public recognition. For most people, they care money more than public recognition.

Money is more vital than public recognition for ordinary people. Firstly, money is the foundation of life. It's hardly to imagine the life without sufficient money. Thus, when people hunts for jobs,
undoubtedly, they would like to choose jobs with high salary even though they don't like it. For instance, one of my friend, Michael, works for the HSBC company. Once he told me that he didn't like the job offered in the company and the only impetus is to get high salary. I can totally understand him. If I were him, I certainly would do the same way. Secondly, those who struggle for survival don't pay attention to public recognition. The only thing they care is whether they can get enough food. According to a survey conducted by XinMing newspaper, the food price has raised 23 percent during 2011. For them, only wealthy people would like to pursue public recognition.

However, public recognition has negative effects. For instance, when JJ, a famous star in my country go shopping, she is always tracked. Actually, she has no freedom at all. Obtaining public recognition means that your behavior is superintended by public and it's not what they want. That's why many wealth figures tend to be anonymous when they make donation.

Admittedly, a small amount of people will work harder to obtain public recognition even though there is no more money given. Although without money, they can get more experiences or opportunities. So some day, they can become successful due to their persistence.

In conclusion, most people care money more than public recognition. As money is very dispensable for ordinary people and public recognition also has negative effects.