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    flavorsome and savory

    How to describe the condition after we eat some fine food or delicacies whose relish still stay in our mouth .
    Are the following expressions acceptable? Please give me more examples.

    1. The mooncake is so tasty and soft to dissolve in your mouth. The relish of stuffing will stay the good smell in your mouth.
    2. We can't beat the feeling of the savory smell of roasting steak and flavorsome corn soup.

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    Re: flavorsome and savory

    We would probably describe such flavours as lingering in our mouths.

    I'm not keen on either of your sentences as they stand. Better might be:

    1. The mooncake is tasty and so soft that it dissolves in your mouth. The flavour of the stuffing will linger pleasurably in your mouth.
    2. We can't beat the savory smell of roasting steak and flavoursome corn soup.

    (Note: I've gone for the BrE spelling of flavour, that's not to say the AmE spelling is inferior, just that I'm more comfortable with the BrE one!)


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