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    on the phone idioms

    Dear friend,

    how can I say can I hang up in formal way or as an idiom in eng lang.?

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    Re: on the phone idioms

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    Hello, Moji:

    I have noticed that no one has replied yet. Maybe one reason is that your question is not clear. Could you please explain

    a little more about what you want?

    Are you looking for a courteous way to tell someone on the telephone that you do not want to continue talking with him/her?

    IF you do, some people here in the United States might say something like:

    "It's really been great talking with you. I am going to let you go now." ( = I know that I am taking up your time, so I will

    hang up now. Of course, that is a nice way of saying that s/he is taking up too much of my time and I really want him/her to

    hang up!)


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