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    Smile at / in / on

    I'd like to ask about where you point out by the following expression.

    1) There is a red building at the corner.
    2) There is a red building on the corner.
    3) There is a red building in the corner.

    The corner must mean the point where two roads meet. So I cannot get the difference of the sentence 1)2) 3).
    Would you give me some guidance?

    Thank you.

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    Re: at / in / on

    "at" refers to the general location of a point in time or space.

    EX: I am at the bank. Am I inside the bank or outside the bank? No one knows. I am "at" a general location, the bank. I could be either inside or outside the bank.

    EX: Both the big hand and the little hand are at the 5. It's 5 o'clock. I'll see you at 5 o'clock.

    "on" is short for "on the surface of".

    EX: The bank is [situated or located] on the corner of 5th and 7th.
    EX: It's cold. Put the hat on your head.

    "in" is short for "inside".

    EX: I am in[side] the bank.
    EX: The chair is in[side] the area where th two walls meet. It's in the corner.

    Note, "The bank is in the corner" is used when referring to a map or , say, a small toy building,

    Sam: Where is the bank?
    Max: In the corner (of the map).

    Sam: Where is the miniture toy bank? I want to add it to my train set-up.
    Max: It's there, in the corner (of the room).


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