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    Hey, could really use some help over here! argumentation related test

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum and hoping to have a good experience here.

    I am having some trouble finding some stuff in a text on the which we have a test tomorrow (English 102)
    the text we will be tested on is Capitalism Version 2012 by Thomas L Friedman and here is what ive found on my own

    I just realized the forum won't allow me posting links, please, if you can help me, do search google for the name of the article and it will appear right away. Thank you!.

    APA Style: FRIEDMAN, T. L. (March 13, 2012). Capitalism, version 2012. Retrieved from NYT website

    Claim: Thomas Friedman writes that as we attempt to define what modern capitalism will look like, we should acknowledge that there needs to be a private-public balance instead of pretending the choice is between the Soviet Union or Galtís Gulch.

    *Major Premise: United states is a country with an economical structure based in capitalism

    *Minor Premise: Capitalism should be balanced between the private and the public sector in order to maineain a healthy economy

    *Conclusion: In order to maintain a healthy economy; USA needs to use a model of capitalism that is able to balance between the private and the public sector


    -For years the success of usa's economy was based on a well balanced model of capitalism.

    -History shows us how capitalism works best by having it well balanced; it also tells us how when you lose balance, you start finding trouble.



    *Members of the Republican party.

    *United states citizens?

    *Private business owners

    Purpose: Inform and persuade; the writer is giving information on the matter of how capitalism works best and is trying to persuade the readers into accepting what he has stated.

    Credibility: even though we know nothing about the author of the argument, the argument is published at the NYT which is a very reliable source for information.

    Evidence: America's Success for over 200 years
    2008 subprime crisis

    Tone: informative? Ironic Persuasive


    I feel however like he is adressing other kind of people(Audience) but I can't seem to find whom, also, do you feel like my purpose is right?, what is some more evidence he gives? what are more things i can add to credibility?, are there any logical fallacies?, Main arguments?are they right?
    I know I should be able to do this myself but I feel really nervous since I really need a good grade on tomorrows exam; any kind of observation will be appreciated, thank you!

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    Re: Hey, could really use some help over here! argumentation related test

    We don't do your homework for you.

    Friedman is on the record marveling about how much better the Chinese model is compared to Western-style economies. Since the rulers there can simply do what is best and they don't have to worry about democratic institutions or the will of the people or any nuisances like that.

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