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    What does "the word" mean?

    Could you help me? What does the word "The word" imply in the sentences below?

    The word may sound antiquated, Reithian, imperialist, arrogant in our ears, and it is rarely used nowadays; but the broadcasters in any society have a duty to fulfill.

    I'd appreciate it if you could give me your opinion, even If you are not sure.

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    Re: What does "the word" mean?

    I reckon there has to be another sentence preceding this one so one can tell what it means.

    But if it's only the implication of the word that you're after, it doesn't sound straightforward to me.
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    Re: What does "the word" mean?

    I agree with mehmetcalimli. The answer to your question is in the sentence that came before the one you gave.

    Note, "The word" refers to a word in another sentence. The adjectives "Reithian" (after Lord Reith, see the History of the BBC, "to inform, to educate, and entertain"), "imperialist", and "arrogant", all modify the word the phrase "the word" stands for.

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    Re: What does "the word" mean?

    Is the word 'duty'? Given the nature of Lord Reith, I think it is possibly 'duty' that is being referred to.

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