New Year Address 2012 – “Managing a High Performance”
In keeping with the tradition, the Vice Chancellor New Year Address 2012 was held on Friday 3 February 2012 at Pusat Kebudayaan dan Kesenian, Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah (PKKSSAAS) Universiti Putra Malaysia. It was well attended by campus community, staff and friends of the university, exciting to hear the success achievements, the visions and the future challenges of the university. Opening his speech with a wish of Happy New Year to all audiences, the Vice Chancellor also reminded everyone with a hadith “Grab five things before five others; your health before your illness, your wealth before your poverty, your leisure before your work, your youth before your decrepitude and your life before your death” (Al-Hakim and Al-Bayhaqi). It means for us to wisely utilize the opportunity we gain in order to give a great contribution to the religion, race and nation. The Vice Chancellor highlighted that Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) is progressing through its 2011-2013 Strategic Planning with the success of 92.74 % achievement in KPI targeted for the year 2011. The Vice Chancellor also disclosed the distribution of KPI percentage where Academic Division contributed 89.33%, Research and Innovation (92.61 %), Student Affairs (95.60%), Industry and Community Relations (100%), Human Resource (76.89%), Financial Management (80%), and Library Services (96.29%). He said the success is the result from an amendment made to the Vice Chancellor’s KPI with 42 outcomes based indicators which then conveyed to the KPI’s of JPU, Deans, Directors and Staff through a shared mechanism. The Vice Chancellor’s KPI will be reviewed every three months to evaluate its progress, corrective action and any changing that might be happens. The Vice Chancellor also expressed his heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all head of entities, UPM staff, campus community and those who in many ways have contributed to the success of university’s KPI. He also convinced everyone that the university’s KPI is within reach especially with the right motivation and the desire to keep challenging our productivity. As he detailed out on academic achievement, he is positive about UPM’s success as an outstanding university or to be ranked at Tier 6th under the 2011 SETARA Rating as opposed to 5th in 2009. He impressed that UPM’s initiative to run the Test on Communication in English (TOCIE) among students yielded positive result when UPM achieved 86.15% target in English communication under My3S (soft skill), better than 78.36% in 2010. Besides, UPM marked 43.95% in student’s enrollment, which includes excellent students with CGPA 3.500 at Bachelor Degree compared to the actual target 40% or 30.25% in 2010. As for postgraduates, a number of 369 PhD graduates were produced this year compared to 300 as targeted. The number also stated the highest PhD graduates were produced in the country. The Vice Chancellor also added a total of 75.3% of UPM graduates were hired within 6 months after graduation compared to 74.1% in 2010. Furthermore, in the view of employers’ satisfaction, UPM graduates scored 12.26% as opposed to 9% in 2010 according to SETARA instrumentation with a maximum score 13.