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    Recycling 's Essay- peer review

    Good morning,
    i'm practicing for my Accademic exam.Our Teacher made us wrote a composition about our point of view about Recycling. I if someone wants to read it and give me tips about writing, mistakes and grammar you'll be welcome.

    Composition, page 45. no more than 250 words.
    Recycling is now an essential measure: it is for everyone in society to became responsible towards the environment.
    21st century Society must develop a more ecological attitude, in order to conserve the world’s natural resources for future generations. Hence, Recycling is being considered as an efficient strategy to achieve this purpose. According to the definition in the dictionary, Recycling is the chemical process by which materials that are used daily and then thrown away can be transformed into useful objects.

    The Issue I want to point out is that this kind of project needs the involvement of every part of Society, but above all the families who produce huge amounts of everyday rubbish. Factory owners and big enterprises should make a concerted effort in developing plans for re-using dumped products, because not only does recycling allow one to reduce the consumption of raw materials, but it also help companies and public offices to cut down cost on supplies. The most commonly waste produced in offices is still paper. Considering an official published paper, for example, we could convert them into a new product if they are molded together in a pulp by special machines. In this way, we might even minimize the waste of wooden, as a team of Malaysian scientists has proved. They discovered that by melting down remains of pneumatic tires, Woodmen might have avoid cutting Rubber trees for five year, so that deforestation’s was considerably reduced.
    Nevertheless someone believe that Recycling particular products, such as plastic, it is difficult because the process takes too long, wasting Natural energies sources like oil as well. Furthermore, a lot of people are not really acquainted with waste sorting techniques, so they might not known that government administrations usually provide separate containers to separate different kind of rubbish.
    Maybe if the government also showed that by Recycling we could prevent the built of illegal dumps , Society would surely pay more attention to this issue. Last but not least, People would realize that recycling may help future generations to preserve environment, money and natural resources.

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    Re: Recycling 's Essay- peer review

    Quote Originally Posted by Marianna Visconte View Post
    Good morning,

    I'm practicing for my academic exam. Our Teacher made us write a composition about our point of view about recycling. I if someone wants to read it and give me tips about writing, mistakes and grammar you'll be welcome I would be very grateful.
    This would be better moved to the Editing and Writing Topics section as it's a bit too long to deal with here. In the meantime, please note my amendments to the first part of your post which I have marked in red above.

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