HisCoy Mistress
According to Andrew Marvell, theauthor of the poem “To His Coy Mistress”, in the first stanza of his poem hiscoy mistress, “Had we but world enough, and time, this coyness, lady, were nocrime. We would sit down and think which way to walk and pass our long lovingday (Marvell). In the first stanza we see he begins to make amove on a young lady. He begins to tell her all kinds of sweet things how hewould spend the rest of his life with her and how much he loves her. For example,“I would love you ten years before the Flood, / and you should if you pleaserefuse / Till the conversion of the Jews. (Marvell). He goes on to say in line 11, “My vegetablelove should grow vaster than empires, and more slow, “In these lines he is tryingto explain to her how his love will grow more and more for her each day. Hewill love her until the end of time. He goes on and beginnings to divide hislove up between her body parts. Then he promised her that he will dedicate ahundred years to her eyes, and then he goes on to say that he will dedicate twohundred years to each of her breast, but also three thousand years to the restof her body. In the second stanza we begin to see the guy’s personality shift.He goes from the person she can spend the rest of her life with to someone thattime is coming to an end with real fast. He begins to say that time’s chariotis hurrying near and goes on to say “younder all us before us lie/ Desert ofvast eternity” (Marvell). These lines set the standard for the next stanza. Thenext stanza is faster than the others, and we can tell that he does not put asmuch thought into what he is saying in this stanza. He then proceeds to tellher they have eternity to be together, but her beauty will not last forever. Thenhe goes on to say that worms are going to take your virginity away, which hefollow up by saying that his lust will go to the grave with her. He is becomingpretty desperate, and he has lost all of his patience. In the third stanza the guys lostall hope. He tells her that their attraction is going to come to an end oneday, so they need to do it right now. He is really upset and he is ready to gosomewhere. He says in the last line of the poem that we cannot make the sunstand still, but we can make it run. He saying in this line that the sun willbe coming up real soon, but we can make the sun run if we leave now. Throughout this poem the guy startsto lose his patience more and more. He has lost his patience so much at the endof the poem that he is ready to just leave and go somewhere. Marvell does nottell us how the poem ended he leaves that up to us to figure out but I think hewent home alone.