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My family and I like going on holiday.
People may go on holiday for different reasons. They may want to relax. Sometimes there's nothing better than sitting by a pool or on a beach and getting into a good book. They may want to take a break. If life's too hectic at home, people often use a holiday to escape.
Some people may want to experience a new culture - From museums and galleries to rich history and amazing people, new countries offer new cultural experiences and tourists enjoy it. They may want to go on holiday for adventure, or to watch a sporting event - From soccer to athletics, the world has a host of sporting events that people flock to see. For example the 2012 is the year, in which the European Football Championship, Euro 2012, takes place. The final tournament will be hosted by Poland and Ukraine. The 2012 is also the year of the Olympic Games in London. The 2012 Summer Olympics are planned to take place between July and August.
The Italian olympic committee had chosen the swimmer champion Federica Pellegrini to be the flag bearer; but she declined with the excuse that she doesnít want to stand in a stadium for up to eight hours the night before her first race.
Iím a swimmer at a competitive level and Federica is my favourite swimmer. A member of my team, a girl named Diletta, who is just 16, will participate in the competition in London, in the Italian swimming relay.
I would really like to go to London to see the competition. If I had 1200 euros I would buy the ticket for my family; but I would need also money for the plane tickets; so, I should have a lot of money.. Iíll see the competitions on TV.
According to tastes, personality and budget you may decide a different kind of holiday; you may decide to go on exotic beach holidays, a safari, on spa holidays; you may decide for a weekend trip, or for last minute holidays.
Some people may decide to go each time to a different destination; some others, like my family and I, like to go on holiday mostly to the same place: Corsica.
I go on holiday every year either in the mountains or to the seaside. In Italy we have a two week holiday for Christmas and three months in the summer.
I go to the mountains particularly in winter when it snows because I like skiing very much.
Unfortunately itís two years since I last went to the mountains because I had to take part in swimming competitions.
I donít like going to the mountains in the summer because I donít like going for long walks, going trekking or climbing.
I like going to the seaside a lot because summer is my favourite time of the year; I have no school and itís almost always sunny.
I usually go on holiday with my parents and my sister.
We went on holiday in Italy and abroad (France), but never outside Europe.
We usually stay in a hotel or in a camping site. Once we rented a house. Staying in hotel is more comfortable (you can have your private bathroom and you have your meals ready) but in a camping site you are free to eat when you want and what you want. You have to do everything on your own. I think the best accommodation is a rented house: itís comfortable and you can do what you want.
We travel by car, train, by boat. I have never been on a plane so far.
I go to Corsica almost every year. I go there with my family and my relatives : my parents, my sister, my aunt Michela, my uncle Antonio, my cousins Alice and Eleonora and my grandparents on my motherís side.
We usually stay in a camping site; we sleep in tents with two sleeping areas; some years ago the wind flew our tent off and we had to sleep in the car!!! If you want to sleep in a tent, you should buy a good one, which is designed for strong winds.
Some years ago we rented a house, which was very big and beautiful with a fantastic view on the sea.
I have always had a great time in Corsica, where I can do a lot of interesting activities, like diving, going hunting octopus with my uncle using a harpoon, going beachcoming, collecting shells, moving from tree to tree, clambering and walking along bridges and going up ladders, which are made of ropes and which link trees in the acrobatic adventure parks on the island.
My dad and I like walking on a rope clinging to another rope.
Some years ago we travelled by ferry from Bonifacio, which is a town in the South of the island, to the Lavezzi islands in the Strait that separates Corsica from Sardinia.
Corsica is a very picturesque place, for example I visited the bay of Roccapina: a virgin coast fringed with turquoise sea, a large beach of fine white sand and rocks with strange forms, for example the form of a huge rampant lion. Access roads are sometimes potholed, so, generally speaking, you should go by big cars like a jeep or a range rover. You ought to drive carefully because of the undulating, rocky, dirt roads; driving down these roads will test the suspension of your car and may result in the occasional bramble scratch. Youí d better wear trekking shoes when you go for walks. Besides, there are no facilities and so I think you should be equipped with your own food supplies and sunshade.
In the past years Corsica used to be less crowded but now it has become a popular holiday destination; there used to be less traffic and noise. Besides it used to have more green areas but now they have built a lot; it used to be wilder, and it didnít use to be so much seaweed like in the last years in some beaches; water was crystal-clean everywhere; the problem is that climate is changing; itís getting hotter and seaweed is proliferating.
Almost every year I go to the mountains in order to ski; unfortunately itís two years since my family, my relatives and I last went to a skiing holiday. To say the truth the only two members of the group who ski are my uncle and me; the rest of the family goes for walks or sledges.
We usually go to places which are not too far from our place. For example when I was a little girl we used to
go to Cerreto Laghi every weekend in winter. I learned to ski in this beautiful resort in the Tuscan-Emilian Appennines. The tracks arenít that difficult and so it is the best place where to learn.
Once, during one of my skiing lessons I fell, the snow entered my boots and I got chilblains. While I ski I like singing. I sometimes do it when I get scared because of the people who ski at high speed and the ravines in which I may fall if they drag me to the ground.
When there wasnít enough snow we used to go skating on the ice. After skiing or skating we used to have a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream in the refuge. My uncle and I also used to eat snow; it tastes good.
Now I participate in a lot of swimming competitions and Iím too busy to go on a skiing holiday but I would really like to learn how to snowboard.
There are a lot of places where I would like to go to on holiday. For example European capital towns like Paris or London, as well as very far places like Australia. My top holiday destination are the USA.
If I had a lot of money I would stay there for at least one month; I would visit Los Angeles, Hollywoood, California, Las Vegas and so on and so forth.
My mother would like me to go to the UK for a study holiday, in order to improve my English.