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    Meaning of the word?


    Can you write me an easy sentence with this word "alight"?

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    Re: Meaning of the word?

    Do not alight (get off) from the bus while it is in motion.
    Two butterflies alighted (landed) on the flower.
    The whole building was alight (on fire).

    Not a teacher.

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    Re: Meaning of the word?

    Welcome to the forum, fleex.

    As your question is about the word 'alight', that would have been a better thread title.

    For examples of a single word used in a variety of contexts, see the Fraze It website (click on the blue words to go to it).


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    Re: Meaning of the word?

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    As Spongie reminded us, one definition of "to alight" is to "get off."

    But please remember that here in the United States, no one would ever say that in 2012. So if you visit this country, be sure

    to just ask "Where do I get off?" If you use "alight," people will be confused, for I am pretty sure that many (younger) Americans

    do not even know that word!


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