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    Is this motivation letter well enough? It is very important. please help me.

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    March 29th, 2012
    In this essay I will outline my academic and extra-curricular accomplishments. I will also discuss my career objectives and the motivation to pursue my study at ISET.
    Looking back, I have many achievements in my life. During my secondary education I have been awarded with a third place in Pupil’s Subject Olympiad at English in 2004. Besides, I have earned many honorary certificates because of my excellent grades.
    After completion of secondary school with superior grades, in 2007 I scored 580 points out of 700 and I entered International Economic Relations faculty of Qafqaz University. Because of such excellent result I have been awarded with the “Honorary Award” by Executive Power of Astara District. During 2007-2008 tuition year I studied Qafqaz University Prep. Class which teaches English and Turkish. My successes continued also during a university life. I have been qualified to study 2nd year in English, which is consists of the most intelligent students of our department and covers our basic specialty lessons. All our lessons were going in English and some of our teachers came from abroad. Main subjects which are very useful in considering me for preferred course choices are “Microeconomics”, “Macroeconomics” “Basic Accounting”, “Financial Management 1-2”, “Statistics1-2”, “Public Finance”, “International Financial Organizations” . The books we use for learning these subjects are “Fundamentals of Economics ”(Gregory Mankiw), “Fundamentals of Corporate Finance”(Brealay, Myers). Additionally, I have been certified by different organizations such as Center for Research and Development of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan Republic for completing the training course on “Banking principles and role of the Central Bank in banking system” and Azerfon LLC as a member of project research group of Qafqaz University for the project carried out on the survey of telecom market consisting of analyzing usage and behavior of the youth segment in Azerbaijan.
    As a multilingual person I can speak Azeri, Turkish, English and Russian very well. That allows me to use the majority of the libraries. Besides, I know Spanish language in elementary level. In addition, I like to travel to foreign countries where I can meet with unfamiliar people and their cultures. I can easily adapt to environment. During the summer holiday of the year 2009 I toured to Turkey through Georgia. As a young economist I have interested in Turkish economy. Last summer I participated in training about the job of an instructor and oratory. I developed these skills which is essential in my everyday life, because I often take part in conferences.
    In conclusion, to me the dream of studying at ISET which is the best of the bests due to its education system and modern technology is not surprising. So, in my opinion the pathway to a marvelous career is through a high quality education and life experience at ISET. I appreciate your consideration of my qualifications for this position.
    I look forward to hear from you about the possibility of being considered as a student of ISET.

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    Re: student

    Quote Originally Posted by Shahriyar View Post
    Is this motivation letter well good enough? It is very important. Please help me.
    I don't have time to look at your whole letter right now, but please see the important correction I have made above. The difference between "well" and "good" is very important.

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