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    in the inherent diginity of each person

    Is this conditional predictive or factual? Considering the previous sentence, it seems to accept the fact that each person has inherent diginity, so it sounds like a factual conditional, otherwise, it would mean "predictive" one that the writer is not sure whether people have dignity or not. The difference might be small, but I'm quite interested.

    ex)One principle asserts that social work clients have the right to hold and express their own opinions and to act on them, as long as doing so does not infringe on the rights of others. This principle is in sharp contrast to the layperson's perception that social workers seek to "remold" clients into a pattern chosen by the workers. Rather, the efforst of social workers are geared to enhancing the capability of clients to help themselves. Client self-determinantion derives logically from the belief in the inherent diginity of each person. If people have diginity, then it follows that they should be permitted to determine their own lifestyles as far as possible.
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    Re: in the inherent diginity of each person

    It's factual to me- not all may may have dignity, but this is a fact when they have- dignity is an underlying principle they try to attain because of what follows from it IMO.

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