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    Hello everyone,

    I am Chearmym from Panama, and I am studying your language in order to be an English teacher. I am in the last year of this career, and I would like to get some information about books,magazines or any kind of source that could help me with my final project which talks about how to teach conversation to ESL students. Also,if you want to share some experiences, I will be more than glad to hear them.

    Thank you,


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    Google scholar has countless ELT papers you can use: Google Scholar

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    Welcome to the forum
    In my elementary classes whenever I ask them to read a story, the next session in order to get feedback from the students I'll ask them to play the role of the characters in the story and to talk.
    In the starter classes having pictures and some real objects really increase the amount of speaking among the students.
    Or when there is a discussion part, I write some related questions, put the students in groups of 3 to 4 then each student is given a question. They should talk about their questions and others should discuss them. Then they should give report about their partners. In this way you can be more sure that they all have the chance to be the speaker rather than just a listener.
    There's an eBook called helping students to speak by Paul Seligson (Richmond publishing). It's full of practical ideas and photocopiable activities.
    good luck

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