Hello. Could someone please edit, correct and add some more details in my letter for me to my director of my company as im very poor in english?

The actual situation I am facing : Well, I am working currently as a driver in an insurance company since 4 years ago. My task is that I should use my own personal car to go to my director's place, and there, I take the company's car which normally she keeps with her, and drive her to the office in the company's car, leaving my personal car at her place. !

But since, at that time, when I joined the job, there was an another director, She lived not far away from my home. I used my car to go at her place. But still, they refunded me my car's expenses as the bus fare because I was supposed to take the bus to go to her place. Since she lived not far away, I decided to use my car to avoid any stress in the morning and in the evening to return back home. And this kept on for 4 years.
But the problem is that the time I finish in the evening, there is no bus available, so obviously i am supposed to use my own car. and still, im being refunded the bus fare not the car's fare which is thrice the bus fare!

After two years, a new director came (she is so unpolite). She decided to move to another place, which was a bit far from my house! Still, I had to managed with my car itself to go at her place,. and they refunded me the same amount of money for the bus fare. Currently, she is moving to a new place which is very far from my place. But now I decided I will not use my car to go to her place because all my over time's money will be used for my car's expenses, fuel, etc.. Moreover, the time that she leaves the office is about 19h00 in the evening and that there is no bus available to return to my home. And I am obliged to use my own car ( i am still not being refunded for my car's expenses, but only the bus fare) for my own security and so on. Its not fair. I am helpless.

I had enough of sacrificing me and my family because its as if I am working for free for the company. Because I have to take money from my pockets to put in my car! And i am left with at least nothing.
I had already made a request to my director to review my travelling allowance, but she is so weird and nasty and is not in a position to understand my problem.

The letter that I have written :

Once again, I appeal to you as I have always done in the past so that you can help me to resolve a problem that I am currently facing. As you are aware, I use my personal car everyday to come at your place in the morning and to return to my home in the evening (correct this with the appropriate sentence for me here). For that, I receive only Rs 1.650 as transport allowance which is based on bus fare. Honestly speaking, the sum does not even cover the expenses for the amount of I use each month. My situation will worsen soon as a result of your moving to Floreal. (here, she is moving to stay at another area). So, I humbly request you to review the situation and to adjust that sum so that I don't have to draw money from money meant for my personal and family expenses. As you are aware, I am a dedicated employee and I have always worked for the benefit of the our company. I will continue to do so and I humbly expect you to give me the means for that otherwise I would have had to travel by bus everyday, and this would have entailed unnecessary waste of time. Moreover at that time we leave the office, there are no buses available at that time to return to my home.