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    'overlap' vs. 'overlap with'

    Hi Everyone,

    Please help me understand the difference between 'overlap sth' and 'overlap with something'. I found the following example:

    If two activities or periods of time overlap, the second one starts before the first one has finished: 1. example: The second phase of development overlaps the first.

    overlap with
    2. example: My vacation overlaps with yours.

    Am I right thinking that according to the two sentences above 'the first activity overlaps with the second one' and 'the second one overlaps the first one'? In other words: is it clear from the 2. example that my vacation starts earlier than yours?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

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    Re: 'overlap' vs. 'overlap with'

    If one thing overlaps another, that's what it does. If our vacations overlap, they overlap. I see no need or justification for 'with' (which doesn't mean that nobody ever uses it).


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