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    Angry Please correct my introduction letter

    Cordial Greetings!

    With reference to your telecon dated < Date >, we take this
    opportunity to introduce our company <Company Name>.

    <..................> is a solution provider catering to the
    Advertising & Media related industry. As a company committed to excellence &
    customer satisfaction, we have been providing software and database
    services to advertising agencies all over India, Middle East and Nepal. Over
    400 ad agencies depend on various modules of our software, media
    database & other services in India.

    Our products target different segments of the advertising & media
    <Product List>

    As an ad agency, we would like to offer you the following software to
    automate your operations, optimize manpower costs & increase efficiency.

    We would like to present our software & services please confirm a
    date & time for a meeting through email or fax for a possible
    demonstration of the software.

    Looking forward to a favorable response.


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    Re: Please correct my introduction letter

    I'd say 'the Middle East'
    As an ad agency,- this needs changing because they are the ad agency, not you- how about 'we would like to offer you, as an ad agency,...

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