I'm writing a letter of motivation for a masters course.
First time I've ever written one. Just looking for some feedback or advice.
Thanks in advance.


April 3rd, 2012

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to apply for the Masters of Environmental Science programme at (UNIVERSITY NAME).

I am a twenty four year old graduate from England. In 2010, I received a Degree of Bachelor of Agricultural Science from (UNIVERSITY NAME), with a second class honours. During my time there, my major was ‘Outdoor Architecture’. My degree differed from many other degrees, in that it had a much more personal set up. With only twenty four students in the graduating class, it meant that much of the work took place on a one to one basis, or involving team work. Through this I developed skills that have helped me understand how to listen and work with people, and solve problems in a team.

Many of the projects undertaken during the course were real world problems, such as tackling habitat fragmentation along the cost of North Dublin. Through this I learned a lot about what factors and constraints will actually come into place when dealing with these problems as a professional.

Although the majority of the projects were design based problems, there was always an emphasis on solving the environmental issues that occurred with each project. This became most prominent in the final two years of my study, when I begun studying modules like ‘Landscape Ecology’, ‘Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment’, and ‘Diversity in the Rural Landscape’. These types of modules made me aware of the environmental problems that currently exist and need to be solved. After completing these modules, I realised that I had a much greater interest in the environmental problems that were put in front of me, rather than the design problems. So since then, my aim for the future is to actually solve some of these problems. I have a broad interest in various environmental concerns around the world, and I hope that I can someday personally help to solve some of these issues.

It is through your course that I hope I can take the next step in going on tackle these problems. I believe that the opportunity to study internationally, and obtain my education from different universities and countries will really help me develop personally, and professionally.

Upon completion of my degree, I relocated to South Korea, where I spent a year teaching English to public school students. I had a large organisational role in the English department of the school, where it was my sole responsibility to organise summer and winter camps, as well as after-school classes and clubs. South Korea has a very different culture from Ireland but I enjoyed the experience and learnt how to deal with new and challenging situations. I got on well with my co-teachers, many of whom could speak no English and with my students. I look forward to the challenge of immersing myself in a new environment, and a new culture again.

I see the benefit in working as part of a team, and it is something I enjoy doing. Apart from working as a team in college, I have also played team sports like hockey and rugby since childhood. I continue to play hockey at quite a competitive level, and I have often taken the role of captain on many of these teams in the past. Through this I have gained knowledge about what is involved in being part of, and leading a team. And it is something I hope I will get to do more of as my career develops.

Thanks you for considering my request. I look forward to your response.