Please correct mistakes in my essay. I really need your help

«Most people think, that being famous is heaven, but in fact it is more like hell»
Being famous is always associated with being happy and free. It is about doing what you like and getting money for it. For example you might be famous because you are a good singer. Everybody likes you and you enjoy your life too. But there are also bad things about it – their life is very stressful and the more you are famous the more they talk gossips about you. Sometimes it is even hard to go to the shop without being known –everyone knows your face. Of course it might feel good but when there is too lot of it, it starts feeling terrible. You should always look good and, yes, that is a big stimulus because otherwise they blame you. And drugs, of course. If you are a rock star, you might be stuck in with drugs. A lot of people want to be famous because of fans, but these fans often pry into famous people's affairs. You almost have no personal life, because everybody wants to know everything about you. And sometimes it happens so that in famous person's life appears some kind of freaks: he or she might write to you angry or passionate letters, demanding something and giving you no peace. Creative people often have depression, writer's blocks. I never wanted to be a famous person, because I want calm and happy life, and have possibility to read news without worrying that there might be something improbable and false about me. A famous person should be prepared to constant stress, depressions, attentions and gossips.